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What Is Yoga

What is Yoga?

Traditional method of healing body and mind gets a technique with Yoga. Human body and mind are united with the poses and postures of yoga. It is possible to get rid of harmful toxins with the help of yoga. In addition blood circulation and muscle power of the body is improved as well. India is the birth place of Yoga. It is used as a form of enlightenment according to the traditional believes. Spiritual practice of yoga has started more than 5,000 years ago. There are various exercises in yoga for spiritual and physical well being of a person. Problems of arthritis, anxiety, head ache, migraine and multiple sclerosis can be treated as well with the help of yoga. It is possible to control anxiety through the forms of yoga.

Yoga has become very popular medium of exercise all over the world. Various kinds of yoga are practiced now-a-days. Most of the people are interested about yoga. However they forget about it after sometime as it comes with difficult postures and exercises. It can be a confusing task for the beginners. The term yoga brings an image of impossible steps that are pretty hard to achieve.

Hindu philosophy from six different regions such as Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism are the core of yoga. Vedic scriptures have given its contribution as well. Basic path of yoga is decided on the basis of The Yoga Sutra by Patanjali. It is described as an eight step path. The word Yoga originates from a Sanskrit word called ‘yoke’ which means engage, unite and attach. According to the yogis human leaves in sync with its nature. Therefore they need to unite with the body, spirit and mind. Through the forms of breathing, meditation, yoga techniques, yoga tries to achieve a spiritual calmness.

Eight steps of Yoga

Patanjali has been known in the history as a yoga philosophy compiler. Asthanga Yoga is the main foundation of his eight path step. These eight path steps are:


Yama is consisted of five ethics of morality. In order to become a yogi, you have to choose a path of non violence, truthfulness, contentment, celibacy and lack of possessiveness.


Purity and contentment can be achieved through submission to god. You should learn the scriptures as well.




Practicing exercises of the yoga is called asana. Now-a-days people identify yoga with the asana.


Breathing exercises of yoga is known as pranayama. Through these breathing exercises it is possible to control the life forces.


Through this path you can get rid of the material attraction of the world through abstraction.  It enables you to attain a self control over your senses as well.


Dharana means concentration. It enables you to focus on a single direction. It helps to channel the forces with the body in proper manner.


Devotion to the God can be shown through Dhyana. A complete contemplation of the nature and the environment is possible through this process.


You can attain divine contentment with this mode of yoga.